Sunday, 24 March 2013

Malignant Narcissists Feed Off Your Pain

I used to wonder why the people in my life always seemed to derive some form of gratification from my misfortune. Not only were they devoid of sympathy, support, understanding or a kind word; they always seemed to make me feel worse. 

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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

How To Cause Narcissistic Injury Without Really Trying

Causing “narcissistic injury” is a walk in the park; you don’t have to do a damn thing. What’s difficult is NOT causing narcissistic injury. Here's an example: protect something the narcissist feels entitled to steal from you. Well, watch the shameless narcissist fly into a malicious rage, throw a histrionic tantrum, lie, project and blame-shift and play the suffering victim after the legal department of her website host orders her to remove all infringing content from her scraper site.  

First off, I don’t care for wishy-washy psychiatric phrases like “narcissistic injury.” They are extremely misleading, and seem to suggest that the poor narcissist is “feeling” hurt or wounded and is suffering as a result. Give me a break. When you cause narcissistic injury you simply threaten the narcissist’s delusions of uniqueness and superiority and THAT pisses them off, period. All narcissistic injuries lead to rage. Therefore, “narcissistic injury” and “rage” aren’t just linked; they are one and the same. Sure, the narcissist’s reaction to a perceived threat may sometimes look like snootiness, cold detachment, apathy, mild irritation or indifference but it isn’t, it is rage.       

The title of this post is a little tongue-in-cheek because it doesn’t take any effort whatsoever to cause “narcissistic injury.” Hell, sometimes all it takes to enrage a narcissist is to breath the same air as them. The narcissist’s image is one of perfection: they view themselves as exclusive, faultless, flawless, irreproachable, magnificent bastards and if we lowly plebs ever forget it then look out, there will be hell to pay! Because with every narcissistic “injury” there is a reflexive urge toward violence. And guess who is at the receiving end of that violence? That’s right, we the people. WE are the ones that suffer “injuries” when the narcissist’s infantile little ego gets bruised.

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