Saturday, 18 November 2017

Have You Been Targeted By A Malignant Narcissist Bully?

Here are two really great videos about adult bullies and their targets. In my experience, what Dr. Namie describes in the workplace squares with what occurs in a controlling and psychologically violent family where a malignant narcissist or sociopath runs the show and targets a member of the “family” for destruction.   

In an abusive narcissist family dynamic you have the Scapegoat, who is unjustifiably assigned the "problem" role by others within the family and wrongfully blamed for those members' own individual or collective dysfunction, often despite being the only emotionally stable member of the family. Then there’s the Mastermind: the opportunist who capitalizes on the other family members' faults and weaknesses to get whatever he or she wants and is often the object of appeasement.

In my NFOO, I was targeted for systematic destruction by both the MN mother and MN sister “Mastermind.” Despite not seeing them in 28 years, the attacks to annihilate me have not let up. Indeed, the attacks have ramped-up to the point where every aspect of my life is threatened. It appears the MN sister will stop at nothing to see me reduced to a state of docile submission. Not going to happen. Her pathological need to crush me is so intense it's a sickness in her; an obsession, a compulsion, a craving like that of a drug addict. And like a drug addict, she gets one hell of a high inflicting harm and usurping the free will of others.

Malicious narc bullies don’t just want to dominate others; they want to take possession of them. They are identity thieves. It’s incredibly creepy to know that someone out there is so greedy they want to steal your life; they want to steal you. But let’s be clear. They don’t want you to die because then the game would end and unbearable boredom would set in. It’s much more fun for these sadists to torment their targets and watch them slowly die inside to the point where they are degraded to a fraction of their former self.     

One thing to remember about some of these bullies is that if you look carefully you will see that they hold an unusual amount of “power over” their target, so it’s impossible for them to be the victim of the target as some of them claim. You can’t have the ability to exercise control over various aspects of an individual’s life and be a victim of that person at the same time. Another thing to remember is that the Scapegoat is never the true problem. The real problem in any abusive family, workplace or system is the one who causes all the problems, but is deemed untouchable for whatever reason.   

There's legislation in place to keep people safe from bullies in the workplace and educational institutions. But for some reason bullying, mobbing, shunning, terrorizing and targeting someone who shares your DNA is legal. In fact, I've learned that here in Canada it's illegal to express any negative feelings about your abusers. Don't talk. Don't think. Don't Write. Don't Feel Anything About Abuse. Canada fosters a system where the family bully thrives. In fact, here in BC abusers are the protected group and the system colludes with the narcissists in the silencing of their victim and willingly becomes an extension of the family violence and blaming, shaming and subjugation of the Scapegoat.